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Choosing Essential Oils

There are a variety of companies that sell essential oils in the direct sale method. Knowing the efficacy of these oils takes vast knowledge and further research. As an professional Clinical Aromatherapist, there are several factors I must inquire before purchasing essential oils.

Knowing the date of distillation is extremely important as some essential oils begin to lose their therapeutic value and have approximately 1-2 years of shelf life. I always ask for the GC/MS fore each oil of purchase as this gives me the exact constituents that are comprised in a specific batch of essential oil. Knowing the conditions in which the oil was grown also lends to the constituent value of a specific oil. (This knowledge should be a standard for anyone selling such natural medicines.)

Now with these unique factors in place, your average consumer would not be privy to this information nor would they know how to analyze it.  This is why trust in the person selling these oils is important. YOU, the consumer, MUST ask for their credentials, where did they get their certification...

If you are only looking for an essential oil to make your home smell better naturally, then simple grab one from your local health food store. There is no way of knowing how long that product has been on the shelf nor can you know if it was adulterated in the extraction process. Unfortunately there are companies that add chemicals or other ingredients to a specific batch of essential oil to "stretch" the yield.  Again, to the average consumer, your nose might not pick up on this.

At Aromatic Institute, expert knowledge, continuing education and safety are at the forefront of our business. There are a variety of companies that sell essential oils. We do not sell individual oils, we source the right oils to formulate the right blends to provide optimum health. Knowing the reputable companies from the bandwagon ones takes knowledge and further research and that service we provide at Aromatic Institute.

As the holidays approach, we at Aromatic Institute would like to wish you a most magical holiday season! While we don't sell single note essential oils, we formulate amazing blends that bring smiles, peace and remedy to your every need.


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