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Clinical Aromatherapy Consultations: After obtaining a diagnosis from your physician or deciding to explore the realms of nature medicine, a consultation about how therapeutic essential oils may support your health can be done (via email or by phone). We will discuss your particular health-wellness issue(s), essential oil(s) or custom therapeutic blends appropriate for self-care applications along with usage suggestions. 30 minute session

Initial appointments, including reviewing your health history, researching EOs for your health issue, and a written self-help protocol with application suggestions. INCLUDES 1 custom blend (inhaler or 5mL roller.) Delivered or shipped 3-5 days afer consult.


***Quick Consult - 15 minutes - $45*** NO PRODUCT FORMULATION

Clinical Aromatherapy Consultation

  • Each essential oil has it’s own frequency and healing attributes, which have assisted others with physical, emotional-psychological, and spiritual issues. These healthful effects are achieved by raising our bio-field frequencies, supporting our immune systems with powerfully healing compounds, and by bringing our emotions into balance to face life's personal journeys.

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