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Driven by nature's ability to heal through plant essences and their chemical constituents, Heather will devise an unique blend for you. This 30 MINUTE session can be FaceTime, email or phone.


Heather prepares and guides you into discovering more intimately your goals and heart's desires, by posing questions, opening doors and clearing the way to move into your greatness.​

"I assist people in loosening useless restrictions and inspire growth and renewed passion for Life" ..Heather A. Howell


A session includes a 5 ml  blend to assist you in supported growth. 

Life Shift Coaching

Clinical Aromatherapy Consultation

Let's start with reviewing your health history and why you're here then the magical wonder of nature happens -


A session INCLUDES 1 custom blend (inhaler or 5mL roller with proper instructions and protocol.) Delivered (if local) or shipped 3-5 days after consult.


"Heather uses decades of experience to tailor an approach just for you. With her specialized aromatic skills through Clinical Certification, extensive continual learning and intuitive sensitivities, she hears what you say and reads between the lines to assist you in healing the issue." ~ J. Robertson






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