Clinical Aromatherapy Consultation

After obtaining a diagnosis from your physician or deciding to explore the realms of nature medicine, a consultation about how therapeutic essential oils may support your health can be done (via email or by phone). We will discuss your particular health-wellness issue(s), essential oil(s) or custom therapeutic blends appropriate for self-care applications along with usage suggestions. 30 minute session

Initial appointments, including reviewing your health history, researching EOs for your health issue, and a written self-help protocol with application suggestions. INCLUDES 1 custom blend (inhaler or 5mL roller.) Delivered or shipped 3-5 days afer consult.


***Quick Consult - 15 minutes - $45*** NO PRODUCT FORMULATION

Heather uses decades of experience to tailor an approach just for you. With her specialized aromatherapy skills through training/certification and intuitive sensitivities, she hears what you say and reads between the lines to assist you in healing the issue.






Each essential oil has it’s own frequency and healing attributes, which have assisted others with physical, emotional-psychological, and spiritual issues. These healthful effects are achieved by raising our bio-field frequencies, supporting our immune systems with powerfully healing compounds, and by bringing our emotions into balance to face life's personal journeys. 

Life Shift Coaching

Heather uses her visionary gifts to assist you and creates your Personal Aromatic Blend for you in taking the next step forward. 


Through research and medical initiative, Heather has the ability to assess and assist you on your path.


Driven by nature's ability to heal through plant essences and their chemical constituents, Heather will devise an unique blend for you. This 30 MINUTE session can be FaceTime, email or phone.


Heather prepares and guides you into discovering more intimately your goals and heart's desires, by posing questions, opening doors and clearing the way to move into your greatness, whether by phone, email or in person.

"I assist people in loosening useless restrictions and inspire growth and renewed passion for Life" ..Heather A. Howell


Delving into your blockages, suggestions for improvement, and an interactive session with Heather, will lead you to a unique transformation. 

 Your Personal Aromatic Blend will support you through any speed-bumps and into living in the flow of the present moment, and onto manifesting your goals.


A session includes a 5 ml  blend to assist you in supported growth. 

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