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Healing through Nature, with Nature, by Nature, Naturally... (clearing my throat)

I have to preface that I am a bit of a research nerd and LOVE to be the fire hose and douse you with knowledge to better allow you to make smart judgments when it comes to your health. Is it a phase or fad, something that only “those people” use? The answer is No. The art of Aromatherapy has been used for tens of thousands of years; it is not new to this world. The ancestry of this practice is entrenched in history as the earliest people discovered by chance that some of the leaves, berries, roots and flowers gathered for food actually made sick people feel better, while the juices from some of these plants made wounds heal faster. The art and science of using plant oil in treatment is a brief definition of aromatherapy. It is a truly holistic therapy that takes into account and heals three vital aspects of a person: mind, body and spirit. Many do not realize that by simply walking in nature has aromatherapeutic effects, inherently our daily lives are inundated with the presence of aromatherapy. The feeling that occurs when one smells a rose happens to be an aromatherapeutic experience, it is a gentle but potent antidepressant, instantly bringing a feeling of calm into their world. If one were to rub a petal in between their fingers, a slight amount of oil would be released and absorbed through the skin, creating a mind, body, spirit encounter. Another fine example of common occurrence would be when twigs from certain bushes or trees are thrown onto a fire for fuel. The smoke and aromas they give off have changed the emotional states of people such as feelings of happiness, security, drowsiness and so on. Also when one cooks with fresh herbs, aromatic molecules are released and inhaled thus healing oneself naturally through nature. Essential oils are the base in which aromatherapy is applied to heal, repair and shift perception. One of the best ways to effectively receive the benefits of essential oils is to use skincare products blended with pure unadulterated oils. There are essential oils that have constituents for anti-aging, rejuvenating, cleansing, toning, soothing and balancing the skin. Facial products that offer essential oils in the mix give the user added advantages as their skin will receive complementary benefits and their mind and spirit will also gain vast healing by nature. Essential oils are part of nature’s handiwork. One can not expect to change the world, yet one can change their immediate environment, however; the actions that are put into play create a wave of energy or vibration that extends out into the world, thus creating change or awareness. In the aspect of healing through nature, with nature, by nature, naturally, an awareness is being created that one can truly live a life based on the knowledge that one can use an array of holistic methods to maintain and promote a healthy lifestyle while contributing to the greater good of our planet. For centuries, people have been committed to healing themselves and others through the power of flowers, leaves, berries, roots and bark in the simple practice of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is simply a fragrant lens which provides physical healing to the body, a window to spiritual nature and balance to the human emotions. Experience the insight and wisdom of true holistic aromatherapy from certified practitioners and let nature be an intricate part of daily life.

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