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Letting go

I have been experiencing the joy of being in the flow. My life is made complete through the power of faith. I have stepped up and allowed myself to let go of things, thoughts and concepts that no longer serve my highest good.

I have learned through this process that as soon as I let go of those things that do not serve me any longer and make room for new experiences, they begin to immediately flow my way.

So try with me a "clutter clearing process," release those clothes that no longer serve you, those things that you do not use, rid yourself of old papers, magazines and books. Every thing holds a vibration. If you are still holding on to things that have old energy, that energy is not serving your highest good.

With a thankful heart, I anticipate and accept God's abundance. I not only observe prosperity, but I also participate in its flow. With God as my source, I am blessed with guidance, resources, and opportunity. I nurture and share these blessings, helping to create new forms of abundance. I pass along good.

As we let go, know that you are being supported every step of the way. Letting go creates change and change can create fear. Fear not, all all is in divine and perfect order.

What are you letting go? What are you creating in your life? Hop over to Aromatic Institute if you want assistance through essential oils.


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