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How to get over the Big Box image of Aromatherapy

Here we go again... I am on my Soap Box, talking to all who will listen about the importance of Essential oil knowledge from a TRAINED Clinical Aromatherapist.

In the United States, big business has created an image that Aromatherapy comes in a Plug-in, a synthetic candle or a Phthalate filled reed diffuser. Most Americans are not privy to the medical application of Aromatherapy where certain essential oils have powerful anticancer activity with tumor cell specific cytotoxicity. With that being the thought process, Aromatherapy's image problem is this: when people hear or see the word, they believe it has to do with "the smell of things, rather than the things that smell." Aromatherapy is the complete branch of medicine that uses the chemically volatile constitutients of plants for treatment of a wide variety of ailments. I will tell you just as any other professional Aromatherapist, the incredible medical promise of Aromatherapy does not reside in their pleasing aromas, but rather in their ability to treat a wide range of infectious illnesses like MRSA, their action as chemotherapy agents, anti-inflammatory agents, wound healing agents and other medical applications. Aromatherapy is making huge advances in the scientific community through the studies and research of the medical therapeutic applications of essential oils. Vital studies are being released every month showing the strong efficacy of certain essential oils in treating serious bacterial infections. Now, when you google Aromatherapy, thousands of results come up and there are sites that belong to allopathic professionals who chalk it up to New Age spiritualism or folklore. With very limited investigation, aroma medicine has been lumped into the psycho-emotional aromatherapy healing. Many of these practitioners of conventional medicine have chose that natural medicines are ineffective at best. The well educated natural therapist is not necessarily being recognized by our traditional medical system and the FDA demands that instructions for these treatments be in the most vague form possible. The ONLY reason Americans correlate Aromatherapy and Plug-ins is there is a lot more money pushing the Plug-in concept. Essential oils can not be patented as medicines, which means big business profits are negligible. Gone are the days of Granola crunching, Peace loving hippies being the only people to benefit from nature's medicine. I, Heather A. Howell vow to educate and provide natural medicine in the form of essential oil infused products through Aromatic Institute to every human being on this planet. You need to know that plant medicine has kept human beings alive for millennia. Essential oils provide a system of medicine support that is in biochemical harmony with the human body. Essential oils are just very active molecules produced by plants and Aromatherapy is so called as it deals with the therapeutic applications of these aromatic molecules. Now you have it, an article that properly informs you in the versed truth of Aroma medicine. Pick up your phone, search the internet or email a trained professional Aromatherapist and be on your way to wellness, Naturally.

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