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Aromatic Holidays

As we are full swing in the holiday season, I have found that most are getting into the real season of holiday spirit, which is not the materialistic world of Big Box shopping. This blog is meant to awaken your senses and bring back fond memories of holidays past. There is an aroma that most of us know and it definitely warms the spirit and evokes fond childhood holiday memories and that is fresh cut Pine or other resinous conifer. The simplest way to fill your surroundings with this heavenly smell is to use it as garland throughout. Dress your windows and doorways, decorate it with ribbons, bows and lights if you like. The association of a particular aroma varies for many depending on where you were brought up or lived. Here in the good ole USA memories of happy childhood holidays may be evoked the aroma of Bayberry, because traditionally at this time of year, candles made from Bayberry wax was burned in the memory of the first settlers who made all their candles from the Bayberry.  So from my studio to your family, I give to you today a simple recipe for

HOLIDAY HOUSE SPRAY: Pine Essential Oil 8 drops Orange EO 4 drops Cinnamon EO 2 drops Diluted in 1 cup of distilled water in a plant spray bottle. *Shake gently before each use* (These oils are available at your local natural grocer and other specialty stores, or one of my reputable sources for quality oils Aromatics International) With the help of nature's essential oils, the evocative aromas of the Holidays need not be lost. Stay tuned as Part 2 will be here soon. Please visit Aromatic Institute for all your natural, organic skincare and aromatherapy needs. Happy Holidays and Most Abundant New Year!


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