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How Aromatherapy works - part 2 - The Limbic System

The limbic system helps us to remember events that caused strong emotions. If someone were to be attacked, the limbic system would first produce fear and then perhaps rage. The fear would energize the body to help you to run away, if possible. If not, your limbic system might trigger a rage, which would prepare the body to fight in a ferocious manner, to protect yourself or your loved ones. The Hypothalamus is the hormonal control center. It releases chemical messengers, produces growth hormones (for youth and longevity, sex hormones, thyroid hormones and neurotransmitters (i.e., serotonin), and is the "master gland". The olfactory system actually begins in the roof of the nasal cavity. The olfactory receptors are ciliated epithelial cells with an array of receptors capable of detecting thousands of different odors like antennas into every part of the body.

The moment you smell an oil, these hairs send a frequency to the receptor sites on the cells and change the energy so that transformation can take place. The benefits of aromatherapy from the application of essential oils to inhalation of the aromas are tremendous. The Amygdala has two parts, a posterior and anterior portion. The posterior portion ties into all of your fears and traumas which is why when you have a feeling of negativity from a smell, your body is remembering a prior incident which also contained the same smell as part of the situation. If you witness an accident and store a certain aroma, every time you encounter this smell you will be returned to that memory and the trauma involved. The anterior portion of the Amygdala is the gateway to the frontal lobes which is where the positive, peaceful emotions live. The olfactory epithelium lies within the nasal cavity. The nerve endings are sensitive to molecules floating about in the air that get stuck on the mucous surface. The contact of such molecules with the cilia of the olfactory receptors is transduced into neural messages (see diagram). Essential oils have the power of instant relief from a wide range of life's ailments and challenges, including but not limited to headaches, skin conditions, muscle aches, stress, anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, digestive issues, ring worm, colds/flu, PTSD, respiratory issues,insect repellent (including bed bugs,) and the list goes on and on. You can get a custom blend of nature's medicine specific for you by going on-line for a distance consultation at Aromatic Institute.

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