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Integrative Wellness and Essential oils

I am here today to tell you about essential oils and how for hundreds of years, they have been used successfully for healing and deserve serious consideration as a current therapeutic option. Briefly, the stance of aromatherapy as an alternative medicine in the present social and cultural landscape can be applied as a self care method, returning the power to the patient, lessening the dependency on the authority of the medical establishment. With a population growing impatient with the expense and complexity of managed health care - it is time to return medicine to our communities. The warlike fighting of disease is an expression of masculinity along with the creation of the "health care" system of the last 50+ years. Let's explore the realms of creatively solving problems of life through the feminine; our first mother - Earth. God has laid before us a plethora of healing plants. In the garden of Eden, he provided absolutely everything we will ever need to keep ourselves well. To maintain harmony with nature and to prevent illness, we can take that first step by boosting our immune systems with essential oils. These are the life blood of a plant and within each drop of essential oil are tiny molecules that can penetrate into every cell, administering healing therapy at the most fundamental levels of our bodies. The medicines manufactured by man cannot compare with the healing capabilities of essential oils. Man-made pharmaceuticals lack the life force, the intelligence imbued by God and the vibrational energy found in healing oils. The point here is that essential oils are a gift from God to us, his children. They are special. They have been a gift too long ignored and misunderstood. The time is now to correct these misunderstandings and bring the art of aromatherapy back into the uses for which God intended. Please join me at Aromatic Institute, where we can together bring our energy bodies into complete health and wellness. I would love to hear your thoughts and views on how we can integrate with nature and live an optimum life.

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