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New Power Days ahead...

As we all continue to flow through the energies of late, I have been blessed with the assistance of nature through the use of incredible plant botanticals in the form of essential oils.

As the Aromatic Alchemist, I was commissioned to create a collection to assist in the dramatic shift that we are all experiencing in some way, shape or form. We are each creating new realities that serve our highest good, which has created uneasiness, fear and uncertainty for many.  This is because we are entering into a new spectrum of the rainbow that we have never experienced before. This color is Purple. We have lived in the Red aspect for the last 1000 years, no wonder we are feeling unsure.

Aromatic Institute has this set in a limited edition, it is called the Power Up Kit. Now you can conquer, release, replace and renew with ease while smelling incredible AND creating powerful immune building components to your incredible vessel.

Essential oils are God's greatest gift to us as they are energetically comprised of the plant from which it came, thus empowering wee mortals with the components and constituents that have sustained and survived the elements. Embrace the gifts, continue to grow, life your very best life now, 'cause we only get one go in this Earth School.


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